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Monday, January 13, 2020
Directors for 2020 - 2021
Nominees are as follows:
PRESIDENT: Mike Arthur, from Lake City Lodge #624

VICE-PRESIDENT: William (Bill) Bissonette, from Jacksonville Beach Lodge #1558

CHAPLAIN: John Koelling, from Lake Shore Lodge #2020

FINANCIAL DIRECTOR: Jerry Waters, from Macclenny Lodge #2412

FRATERNAL DIRECTOR: Michael Rock from Crescent City Lodge #1641

Plus Jr. Past President Doug Castleberry
Secretary Joe Dion
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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Secretary's Message
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My Moose Legion Brothers,

Another year has flown by and we find ourselves heading in to the holidays again! It’s a great time to take pride in all of our accomplishments as Moose Legionnaires and look forward to reaching higher goals in the future. So how do we do this? The best way is together! Involve yourself in meetings and celebrations! The Board of Seminole 81 needs and appreciates your input concerning the challenges we face as a fraternity and goals we wish to reach as the Moose Legion. We have the ability to change lives outside and within our organization and the holiday season is a great time to make a habit of giving throughout the year!

I must continue to stress the importance of honoring our commitments towards retaining membership and growing this great organization. To date, Seminole 81 has 57 brothers who have not renewed their dues and when you contact your Lodge Moose Legion Assistant Secretary he can tell you who they are. Please contact these brothers and offer your positive perspective to our cause. Ask “Why?” and please communicate what you hear to me personally. Our seniors at Moosehaven, children at Mooseheart and our communities depend a great deal on what our Moose Legion does and the membership retention throughout LOOM, WOTM and Moose Legion is the foundation of our bond with one another and assuring the future success in all endeavors!

Our next Moose Legion Celebration is December 6-8 at Macclenny Lodge 2412 and promises to be an exciting event! Roy Rawlings is our Official Visitor and he is currently serving as Territory 21 Manager and is a Past International Moose Legion Ambassador. Roy is a member of and a great friend to Seminole 81 and we look forward to sharing a great time with him and his beautiful wife, Dawn.

Think of this: Is it easier for one person to push a wheelbarrow full of bricks uphill; or is it easier to accomplish this task with the help of friends? Of course, it’s easier with the help of friends. This is what we as Moose Legionnaires are doing: moving those bricks in order to lay the foundation for our future success!

See you Saturday and Sunday in Macclenny for the Moose Legion Celebration!
Fraternally Yours,
Joe Dion, Secretary
Seminole 81 Moose Legion

President's Message
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